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Our Mission

We realize that a home is more than a house - it is also part of a neighborhood and a community. The character of our homes is created by location, community and function. Camelotís mission is to improve all three of these by building a neighborhood of homes for ourselves, nurturing friendships and taking advantage of shared resources.

We see beauty in the natural land and value in function. We hope to preserve the beauty of the land and support many activities. These goals are tempered by practicality - the ideal is often too expensive and we would rather compromise than hold out for perfection and get nothing. Wherever we can find economy in preserving the natural land or providing functional space, we will pursue it.

We will design our land to encourage interaction by ensuring that the paths between houses are created for people, rather than cars. Commutes will be reasonable and services close at hand. Our location is near the cultural riches provided by a city and still has space for gardens.

What kind of folks live in cohousing?

Guiding Principles

  • Camelot Cohousing will pool our economic, cultural, and technical resources to create a community that is both socially and materially richer than any of us could achieve individually.
  • Camelot Cohousing will strive to be as environmentally friendly in the realization of our Cohousing development as is economically feasible.
  • Camelot Cohousing will research the social and environmental impact of housing and landscape designs to make our living arrangements as socially dynamic and supportive as possible.
  • Camelot Cohousing will keep the diverse recreational activities of its members in mind when creating common space.