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Are you our missing neighbor?

If you have interests in any of these ideas/activities, then you’d love our cohousing neighborhood:

  • the concept of Not So Big Houses
  • want to reduce global warming
  • hobbies of all kinds, like knitting, woodworking, swimming, sewing, hiking, belly dancing, archery, bicycling, wildlife, running
  • greener living
  • gardening
  • community theater
  • cooking/eating locally
  • intentional community
  • gaming
  • “aging in place”
  • multi-generational living
  • historic re-enactment
  • playing music, singing
  • homeschooling
  • foster grandparents
  • meditation
  • Slow Food
  • mentoring a young person
  • skill exchange

If you consider yourself any of these, you’d find like-minded folks at Camelot Cohousing:

  • A Cultural Creative
  • Community minded
  • Environmentally aware
  • Diversity oriented
  • A geek