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08/29/2011: Camelot Community Weathers Tropical Storm Irene
With games and chatter in the Common House, community members weathered the onslaught of the tropical storm. Highlight of the day was the ice cream that had to get eaten lest it melted.
09/19/2009: First Residents Wedding at Camelot
The first wedding to be held at the Common House takes place and fun is had by all.
09/01/2009: Featured in Fall issue of Communities Magazine
"Cohousing for Non-cohousers," Issue 144.
12/19/2008: First 2 units closed
We closed on the first two houses today. By the end of the weekend, we will have two families living on site.
10/23/2008: Open House
This weekend October 26th we'll be holding another Open House event with our Mosaic Commons neighbors. Hot beverages and sing-alongs as well as tours of finished and almost-finished homes are offered.
09/14/2008: Open House
Were you wondering if nothing happened between April and September? Construction has been happening with a constant buzz of people working on finishing our homes. We were all too distracted to post any news items! In September we held a second Sawyer Hill Open House event and about 50 of you came and joined us for tours of our homes & talks by experts on Green Building.
04/16/2008: Article in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette
Camelot & Sawyer Hill written up in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.
03/16/2008: WICN Sawyer Hill Interview
Listen to an interview with Diana Carrol from Mosaic Commons! Diana was interviewed about the Sawyer Hill project on WICN.
02/14/2008: Waste Water Treatment Plan
The permit was signed today for our waste water treatment plan. This is much more exciting than it sounds.
01/11/2008: Construction Contracts
Finalized Construction Contracts were signed with JJ Welch.

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